Smart Vehicle Detection & Classification Radar

Road traffic in Malaysia can get a little out of hand during rush hour but when it’s late at night, the streets could look like the set from Silent Hill. However, in the current real world situation, all the street lights are on and running for 12 hours a day at maximum brightness and maximum energy output! One of our interns, Fizi (Bachelor of Electronics Engineering, UiTM Shah Alam) has been working on a project that may help us save energy by lighting up the streets only when necessary. He’s come up with a device that will be able to detect incoming vehicles or pedestrian and light up the street ahead. We agree that the lights need to be on for 12 hours a day for safety and security reasons but they do not need to be at maximum brightness when the street is not being used. In line with the importance of energy saving, applying the radar technology for vehicle detection and classification is intended to make system with safer, more reliable, requires minimum maintenance, has a low operating cost, and a more sustainable system in general. The system is designed to:

  1. Save a large amount of energy usage with the dimming capabilities for the street lights
  2. Make street lights turn on or off or adjust their brightness automatically when vehicles are detected
  3. Calculate the number of different vehicles that passes through the specific road
  4. Identify the direction of the vehicle whether it is entering or exiting the particular section of the road.

   Required components for demonstration prototype:

  1. RADAR sensor (BGT24MTR11) (Infineon-Distance2Go)
  2. Led with Mosfet Circuit
  3. Solar Power Supply with generator
  4. Arduino Uno

      Malaysia is making great efforts in energy saving and promoting efficient use of electricity, and we at Vectolabs want to help achieve even greater savings through wider adoption of technologies that allow us to not only save energy but lowers operating and maintenance costs as well.

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